Monday, April 11, 2011

Gasthaus Pub

It has been over six months since we posted on this blog. My dinner companion and I have each missed doing this but we've been extremely busy with other distractions. We were each mentally and physically exhausted today so when it turned out that today was a payday of sorts, we decided that we deserved a special event like "Dining in the Dark".

The Gasthaus Pub is an extension of the Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. I drove past the place one time and thought to myself that it looked like an interesting establishment. It is situated in what appears to be an old industrial building between the the Rose Quarter and the railroad tracks along the Columbia River.

Growing up I never would have entered a place which had the word "Pub" in its name. However, if you've read all of my previous posts you'll have noticed that I have discovered that many of those establishments are not just a collection of dingy bars but, in fact, are family friendly, well respected restaurants. This one I am pleased to say is exactly that.

The place was full when we entered and there is no waiting room. We were only waiting for a short five minutes or less. The clientele ranged in ages from infants to senior citizens.

We started our dinner with a really good appetizer which was described as a spinach artichoke cheese dip. It came with half a baguette of French bread. Wow! That was a good start.

Along with a full line of adult malt beverages, they brew their own root beer. I saw someone order what looked like a cola also.

Debbie ordered a green salad which I got to sample. It was good and came with a delightful variety of croutons.

Her entree was a bowl of Goulash over mashed potatoes. I got to eat a significant portion of her plate. It too was excellent. It was the real Hungarian style with lots of paprika. There were peppers as well which whispered hints of Hispanic cuisine.

My choice was chicken schnitzel. It came with garlic mashed potatoes and what I believe were beet greens. Again, it was very tasty and after eating Debbie's goulash, I'll be eating the balance of my plate tomorrow for lunch. I am sooo looking forward to it.

We are definitely returning to this place. We are thinking that it might be fun to just order appetizers and share each others choices. I'm like totally looking forward to that.