Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Stepping Stone Cafe

Do you ever watch the travel channel? We like to stream our tv content from Netfix and happened upon a show called Man vs. Food. The host of the show, a guy named Adam Richman goes around to various eating establishments and takes on food challenges ranging from quantities that would feed normal people for a week to perhaps plates that are so spicy that they might peal the skin off of the average tongue. When he was in Portland, Adam visited a little joint called The Stepping Stone Cafe. That is where we found ourselves this morning.

Now to be perfectly honest, this place does not create a great first impression. I mean there is a hand written sign on the door telling us that we are supposed to wait outside and the list to get in the place is taped to a window.

I mean, what is that about? The next impression to greet us once we got inside the place was that the place was badly in need of general maintenance. I'm talking bare sheets of plywood and missing tiles in the floor. I was thinking to myself that this place is one visit from the health inspector from getting shut down. It was like this place was banking its whole existance on a chance encounter with a celebrity from the Travel Channel.

Well, thankfully, it's not all about first impressions. We were quickly asked what we'd like to drink and our coffee was brought promptly. The menu was obviously well used but there were a number of interesting selections and we each chose one albeit not the "Man Cakes" as featured on Man vs. Food. Debbie chose the Chicken Scramble for $8.75

and mine was an Absolute Omelet for $9.00.

They arrived a bit sooner than I expected but they looked and smelled great. To be perfectly candid they tasted equally as good. I was eager to finish the entire plate and in this personal episode of man versus food, man won. Sorry Adam for borrowing your line.

To finish this post, we don't get down to this part of Portland very often so it may be a while before I return. However, it wasn't the food that is likely to keep us away. Just sayin'.