Monday, July 12, 2010

Cadillac Cafe

Now let me be perfectly candid for a moment. This blog is normally about places which we have visited without any previous experience. This particular restaurant is one with which we do have some history. We visited it again this morning and wish to comment without bias as if we'd never been there before.

Each of my experiences with the Cadillac Cafe has been during breakfast hours and the breakfast menu has been the menu from which we chose a meal. As has been the case in each of our visits, today we signed in and waited for a table to become available. Today the wait was only 5 minutes or so.

The waiter was quick to our table, made some friendly small talk and then was quick to answer any questions which we had and take the order. The first item on the order was coffee. The quality of the coffee was supurb. I should have asked for the name of the supplier of their bean.

Debbie chose an item off of the menu with which she was familiar. It was their Hazelnut French Toast.

I, on the other hand, chose a selection with which I was unfamiliar. I chose Eggs Mazatlan. It was a couple of poached eggs on a flour tortilla with hashed browns on the side. There was a nice salsa and a delightful "glop" of quacomole. I chose to add to the plate with a healthy helping of hot sauce.

I truly enjoyed my breakfast and would have been pleasantly pleased with my portion but Debbie was full after only one slice of French Toast and I had the opportunity to over-indulge by finishing her second slice of toast. I would have to add that her breakfast was very good as well. It came with sufficient maple syrup but I found that between the butter, the hazelnuts, and whatever other secret ingredients were in the recipe, I didn't need any of the maple syrup to please my palate.

You will not be disappointed with the Cadillac Cafe. The wait staff is efficient and effective. The menu choices are wide and delicious, and the atmosphere is interesting and eclectic. I encourage you to put this establishment on your list of restaurants to visit.

As they do not have a website. You can find the cafe at:

Cadillac Cafe

1801 Northeast Broadway

Portland, OR 97232

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