Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pine State Biscuits

A friend recently asked if we had ever heard of Pine State Biscuits. Neither of us had so we decided to do a drive by.

Whoa! Sure didn't look like much from the outside. We determined that this place was just the sort of establishment that we needed to try. Adding to our interest was the fact that a line of people was forming outside the building onto the sidewalk. That's always a good sign.

As we get inside the door we notice that there are about four people behind the counter working feverishly. The menu is chalked up on a board hanging over the counter.

We look around the corner and discover that this place apparently only seats about a dozen patrons. Interesting! Being mildly claustrophobic and agoraphobic, I suggest that we get the biscuits to go and eat them in the car.

I ordered the deluxe "Reggie" which seems to be their pride and joy. It is also the first item on the menu.
Debbie's selection was the Reggie, though not deluxe. The only difference between the two orders was the egg on my "deluxe" biscuit.

Anyway, the Reggie is made of a wonderful biscuit with a slab of fried chicken breast, bacon, cheese, and sausage gravy and, of course, an egg if you order the deluxe version.

We each thoroughly enjoyed our selections and our appetites were completely satiated. In fact, I had to finish off a portion of Debbie's biscuit which she would have been unable to finish. This is not the sort of place for the stringently health conscious. It is Southern comfort food in its truest form. I can't imagine what person could have tasted that item and not been completely intoxicated by the flavors. I will give a thumbs up on this place as our experience was pleasent. I understand, however, that a visit on the week-end often requires a significant wait in the line. Oh well, sometimes the best things are the ones for which we wait the longest!

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