Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Screen Door

This was our second attempt to eat at the Screen Door. A couple of weeks ago we came by for the Sunday brunch. However, the line of customers came out the door and around the corner and it was raining that day. That is a good sign in my book but not that day. We just rolled on by. Tonight we were looking for some of the best southern fried chicken in town.

The restaurant featured a nice area for outside seating.

We chose to dine inside. It is fun to watch the employees practising their craft.

We arrived just before the restaurant opened for the evening and were in the dining room early. Around an hour later the place had only a couple of open tables.

Ok. I know this is the part for which you're waiting. The special on the chalk board sounded good but we'd come in for chicken. Debbie and I each ordered the fried chicken plate. It came with a nice glop of mashed potatoes and some ham gravy and a bit of cooked greens. I have to tell you that I'm a dark meat guy and usually only eat drumsticks and thighs and I was a little disappointed when I saw that my plate had a piece of breast on it. Don't stop reading yet! Oh my goodness! How did this magic happen? I have never had a better piece of chicken breast. The crust was delicious and the chicken interior was sooo juicy. I still don't know if this is the best fried chicken in Portland but there is something that I do know. This is the best chicken breast I ever ate. Hands down. I'd swear it in court. I suppose that means that almost no body knows how to properly cook a chicken breast. Well the folks down at the Screen Door know how and my suggestion to you is to try it yourself.

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brenda sue said...

Now that dinner looked yummy! How was is cost-wise?