Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deschutes Brewery and Public House

If you've been reading this blog, then you know that we've been enjoying our visits to eating establishments that fall into the brew pub category. It seems that they serve a lot of comfort food and the friendly, casual atmosphere is appealing to us. Debbie even said to me recently that we should try another pub because she has enjoyed the fare so much. For this reason, I was really looking forward to our visit to the Deschutes Brewery and Public House. I was pleased to see a crowd when we arrived and the wait for a table turned into close to fifty minutes though the estimate when we arrived was reported to be approximately thirty minutes. Oh well, to me that says that their patrons were enjoying themselves and afterall it is difficult to guess when people will be done eating.

After what seemed to be a long time, our beeper let us know it was our turn and we were seated. The waitress took us to a raised table for two which is ok but we do prefer sitting in a booth type setting.

After spending a little time with the menu, I was ready to choose the Fish and Chips but Debbie suggested that I should try the Stewed Chicken. Ok, I yielded to her suggestion but when she ended up ordering the Fish and Chips I felt a little betrayed. I mean, why would it be unhealthy for me to eat deep fried cod but it was ok for her?

Fortunately for me, she did allow me to enjoy one of her three filets. It was very good and certainly might be worth a return trip. On the other hand, my selecton, the Stewed Chicken

was only ok. I thought the presentation was far too monochrome in that the red of the tomatoes was the only color present. I'm not going to say that it didn't taste good but it was a little under cooked in my opinion. I ate it all but I was just a little disappointed. That in itself is not a good reason to not give this establishment another chance but I might not go out of my way to get there. It is in the Pearl District and though its resident population may think there is something particularly special about "The Pearl" I am not impressed by a place solely because of a geographic location.

In short, though I may return to this place, it will not be because of an outstanding first impression. It will only be because I am hungry and I won't have to go very far out of my way to get there. Perhaps sometime when I am visiting Bend, Oregon I will try the Deschutes Brewery and Public House's other location.

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