Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wild Wood Cafe On Main

Today was a rather unusual Saturday. Normally, our Saturdays consist of a series stressful competitions with other antique dealers to aquire a collection of desirable items to which we can attach a price that will bring a desirable profit.
Well, today the prospects looked a little grim and besides we had another responsibility that was equally pressing for priority. Our son had a meeting planned with another person and needed transportantion to downtown Gresham. Interestingly enough, we don't often find ourselves in downtown Gresham.

While we were there we noticed a farmers market and decided to wander around a bit.

Afterwards, we needed to kill a little time and chose to wander in to a little restaurant that we saw along the way. It was called the Wild Wood Cafe. It was a pleasant little establishment. The wait staff consisted of a couple of older women but they were both effective and attentive to their customers. The menu was not complicated but had an adequate variety of choices. We each found something desirable, and ordered our choices. Mine was a chicken fried steak
selection that was very good.

My dining companion selected an omlette that was a true delight to her pallet.

The prices were average and the fare was very nice. I would have to say that given another opportunity to enter to doors of the Wildwood Cafe, I would not hesitate and would in fact, boldly go where I have ventured before.

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Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Glad you had such a nice experience.
Here in husband and I have always had a hard a fast rule...never try an Eating Establishment until someone we trust recommends it to us.
But like all rules...they are sometimes broken..but ALAS we should have stuck to our original both cases.
GLAD your turned out so much better.