Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Casa Naranja

Guess what! I learned a new word the other day. It is actualy Spanish. The word is tapas. Apparently, the word refers to what might be considered appetizers or snacks in Spanish quisine.

This brings us to our subject this evening.

Tonight we dined at a cozy little place called Casa Naranja. It is a new place in North Portland. The whole menu is filled with items that would normally be considered appetizers.

We ordered seven items from the menu. Each was small, meant to be shared, and tasty. This first image is of the Bacon-wrapped Painted Hills flat iron steak bites with cranberry coulis.

Next up is the Chicken and fennel- stuffed piquillo peppers with honey cayenne aioli.

Fried razor clams with romesco and lemon.

Painted Hills half lb. beef casa burger with escabeche and chevre.

Yam fries with lemon cayenne aioli.

Garlic sherry green beans topped with Argentine reggiano and served with a piece of toast .

Tiger shrimp with fried anchovies and garlic sherry sauce .

These were the orders which we made. I was pleased with each of the items we ordered. Each of them was pregnant with flavor and the chef employed a thoughtful eye in his presentations.

It was a completely different idea of how a meal should be served and I enjoyed each flavorful bite.


Having Fun In Gold Beach said...

Boy! You guys must have been hungry. Looks good though.


brenda sue said...

So how often do you get to adventure out? Sounds like a blast. have fun!